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MonaLisa Touch®  Q & A

What is MonaLisa Touch laser?

MonaLisa Touch® (MLT) is an innovative laser procedure for symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as dryness, itching, irritation and painful intercourse. MonaLisa Touch® uses fractional C02 energy to elicit healing in the vagina and vulva by stimulating new collagen production which corrects atrophy and bladder instability associated with menopause or cancer. There is no rejuvenation involved, just elicitation of a normal healing response from dormant tissue. With the MonaLisa Touch® device technology, a woman’s body and tissue heal itself.

What happens during the procedure?

The MonaLisa Touch® laser device is inserted into the vagina and used on the labia and vulva.  When the device is turned on, laser pulses stimulate new collagen production, naturally increasing blood flow and increased lubrication to help improve vaginal health.   This in-office procedure takes about five minutes, requires no anesthesia, and is painless with no downtime.

How many treatments do I need?

MonaLisa Touch® treatments are repeated at six-week intervals for a total of three treatments. MLT helps with vaginal Ph levels, bladder function, and pain associated with intercourse.  Most women report results after only one treatment. It is recommended that a single, 5-minute treatment be done annually to maintain vaginal health.

Is there any downtime to MonaLisa Touch® laser?

Although women should abstain from sexual activity for two days after the procedure, they can otherwise resume their normal routines and activities.

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What is Votiva and FormaV?

Votiva is a versatile radio-frequency workstation for women’s health and wellness, combining gentle volumetric heating with fractional coagulation of tissue. Votiva with FormaV is 510k cleared for temporary improvements in blood circulation, muscle pain relief and muscle relaxation and is an adjunct to Kegel exercises (tightening of the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone). Votiva is a device that uses radiofrequency (RF) to tighten pelvic muscles, treating the effects of vaginal laxity such as urinary incontinence and loss of sensitivity.

How does Votiva and FormaV work?

Internally, the Votiva with FormaV uses non-ablative radiofrequency energy which gently heats the vaginal mucosa and external labial tissues for up to 30 minutes which results in new collagen and elastin as well as vaginal tightening and rejuvenation of the labia minora.  The FormaV is the only device that monitors the vaginal lining temperatures automatically, ensuring the best possible vaginal tightening treatment. Because of the deep heating of tissues stimulating collagen and elastin, it creates support and tightening of the tissue. It is especially beneficial for stress urinary incontinence therapy and lifting for prolapse.

Is there any downtime with the FormaV vaginal tightening device?

Because of the gentle, non-ablative nature of the radiofrequency energy, the RF current heats the tissue of the vaginal lining and labia, creating a non-ablative, gentle rejuvenation.  The FormaV is a non-painful treatment, there is no postoperative care required and patients can return to normal activities immediately, including sexual intimacy, vaginal stimulation, as well as athletic activities and normal activities of daily living.

How often do I need to have treatment?

The Votiva with FormaV is done in a series of three treatments once a month for three months.  After this, it is typically suggested that the patient undergo a maintenance treatment of the Votiva with FormaV once every year to maintain and protect the investment achieved.

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